Our new website takes PayPal payments

Mar 23, 2017

Yoga Station has a new website!

You can now pay for your yoga sessions via the website.

Paying with PayPal is extremely secure and you don’t need an account, just your credit card.

You can also now purchase multiple private sessions or group classes.

Black Rock Life Saving Club

Mar 23, 2017

Come and join our fundraising yoga classes at Black Rock Life Saving Club.

• Tuesday at 7:30pm
• $10 per person
• 20% goes to the club

Check out the view!

To make an enquiry please email Yoga Station.

Blokes Yoga!

Feb 27, 2017

Blokes Yoga – Thursday 7:45pm – $15

Great for blokes playing winter sports – less injuries!

Benefits of regular practice include –

• Better posture
• Increased energy level
• Flexibility
• Core Strength
• Reduced Stress Levels
• Less Anxiety
• Better Sleep Quality

Research supports back pain relief through yoga

Feb 27, 2017

Great article on “The Spokesman Review” about the relieving of back pain through yoga practice. The article also touches on the benefits of yoga for both body and mind.

Read the full article here

Joint Councils Access For All Abilities

Jul 17, 2013

Yoga Station is working in conjuction with JCAAA (joint councils access for all abilities) to offer a weekly yoga class that is designed to support individual needs for people with a disability.

Mindfulness Training at Monash University

Jun 12, 2013

Brett has been employed by Monash University as a tutor for the Health Enhancement Program. Developed by Dr Craig Hassed, Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head, Monash University Department of General Practice, the program uses mindfulness training for the first year medical students.

The Bayside area including Sandringham, Hampton, Black Rock, Highett, Brighton and Beaumaris is full of energetic athletes, runners, cyclists, men, women, kids who are looking to overcome stiffness, back pain, stress, anxiety. Yoga Station caters for individual issues with private tuition, group classes and self practice.

Feel free to make an enquiry today.